Max Preps Threads

MaxPreps Threads is the official online store of MaxPreps and the only place to buy the 2013 MaxPreps Limited Edition Tout Tee. MaxPreps wants to know about you and the talent you possess. We want to be able to showcase your talents to the world and provide you the recognition you deserve.

This is your chance to make sure MaxPreps knows about you with the 2013 "I'm The Future" Limited Edition Tout Tee exclusive to MaxPreps Threads. This limited edition shirt gives you the power to tout your skills to MaxPreps and all those counting on MaxPreps to uncover the future All-American, All-Pro, All-Star or even Hall Of Famer.

With social media drastically changing how people share and get information, MaxPreps is relied upon by many to inform them through these channels on a daily basis. is a Top-15 US sports website delivering stats, schedules, features and high school information to over 6 million individuals a month. Couple that with over 73,000 Facebook followers and 29,000 Twitter followers, and MaxPreps offers the owners of this extremely limited edition Tout Tee a platform to catapult their skills nationwide. But for us to increase their exposure, they have to do the following:

1) Wear it - Simple and self-explanatory. Take it out of the bag and put it on.

2) Share it - Let MaxPreps and all other high school sports enthusiasts know who you are through social media.

  a. Take a photo of yourself in the shirt (in a creative and appropriate way, maybe even involving teammates or friends who also want recognition).

  b. Post it to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and finish the statement: "I'm the future _______". Add a link from your highlight video from Youtube or MaxPreps, or a recruiting profile. Tag @MaxPreps and @MaxThreads in the photo and add two simple hashtags - #imthefuture #MaxPreps - and you can be sure that MaxPreps will see it, like it, share it, retweet it, use it in shows, on the site and post it to

3) Be it - Now that you have taken the proper steps for people to recognize your talents on a national scale, it's time to carry it out both on and off the field or court. Be that athlete and person you want colleges and media to know about.

25,500 high schools have sports teams in the USA, but only 1,200 of these shirts will be sold, so those who wear it have an advantage in gaining the recognition they deserve - and MaxPreps will help them get it. Don't let this inexpensive and effective way to get you recognized slip on by. Shirts will be available for a short time period or until they are sold out during the Fall season (specific date will be announced at a later date). If you don't get one then you will have to see if someone you know did and will let you borrow it..